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At the start of the year, I was running out of motivation and losing passion in this degree. But this project has definitely shaped my views of the industry and I am now much more confident in where I am heading in the future. This assignment has required me to learn so many new skills, mostly digital programmes such as Invision, Marvel and Adobe After Effects. Now that I have these skills, I know it would take me much less time to develop this further in the future.

Reflection on Presentation Day...
- Duncan made a great point about catering this type of learning tool to an even younger audience of primary school aged children. I totally agree with this, and hope to be able to tailor it to this audience in the near future. But for the scope of this project, I needed to stick to an audience of 16+ in order to have it ethically approved.
- The video needed a bit more work on it in the end to make it run more smoothly as some of the screens moved too fast and some too slow, but overall …

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